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YOUR FIRST CHOICE... CAR-WRAPS.COM is the original car wrap event and promotional graphics company - wrapping vehicles of all sizes since 1993. That means we've been around longer than most other companies and we know how to deliver flawless service and an excellent car wrap product. We deliver expertise, originality and impact to your car wrap graphic and branding projects. Your choice with also gets you NATIONWIDE car wrap service from almost any city in the U.S. But most of all you get car wrap experts on your team; people who know how to capture eyeballs with effective car wrap graphic design. Don't be satisfied with just any car wrap graphics company Choose the original car wrap company with expertise, originality and impact for all your car wrap and outdoor graphic and branding needs.


Full Car WrapA full car wrap provides the most impact and impression. We maximize our clients ROI by providing a partial or spot element car wrap thereby saving our clients money. However, if the vehicle is a paint color that will not contrast well with the colors or design of the car wrap graphic then full car wrap may be needed. If the vehicle is green but the car wrap graphic design is a color that clashes with the paint color like blue, then a full car wrap may be needed.


Partial Car WrapYou can still drive a high-impact image with partial car wraps. Sometimes this method is referred to as a two-thirds car wrap because it is normally designed to cover the entire rear of the vehicle and the sides fading off towards the front doors. This saves money because we are not wrapping doors, front fenders and hoods.

Nationwide Car Wrap Coverage

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Spot Element Car WrapSpot element car wraps are not car wraps at all. Often they are used as branding elements placed on the vehicle in such a way as to take advantage of the paint of the vehicle as the background color. This works well on white vehicles where it does not make sense to put white car wrap vinyl on white paint. This is where we get back to maximizing our clients ROI.


Window GraphicsEnhance your store front for that extra grab-power! Increase your audience reach by turning your entire building into valuable ad space. We apply the same methods that we use for car wraps to any window store front or interior. Oversized banners, brilliant posters and floor graphics are also extremely effective in delivering high-impact branding and "top-of-the-mind" messaging. is a full service company with the capability to provide most any sort of digital graphic.



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